Belaya Dacha history

Our company’s history is closely tied to a cozy white manor house with beautiful architectural columns, situated in the south-east of Moscow. Built in the times of Catherine the Great, its fine structure is still reflected in the water of its majestic pond that sits on the buildings plot. This very building witnessed the first days of Belaya Dacha Group in decades gone by.The manor was built by a famous representative of a governing dynasty, former civil governor of Smolensk and then Astrahan', Nikolay Arshenevsky. After his retirement he bought a small village of Pokrovka, where a country estate “Belaya dacha” with its artificial lakes was constructed. In the beginning of the 20th century the manor hosted the directorate of the first artel, and was modified into a cooperative farm. Nowadays Belaya Dacha museum, located there, carefully preserves the authentic history of the original estate.


A small agricultural artel is established on the territory of the former country estate "Belaya Dacha".  It is later modified into a cooperative farm "Belaya Dacha" 1918

In 1928, the group was transformed into a factory farm named Ukhtomskii. . 1928


In the postwar years:

  • The farm developed advanced technology to efficiently provide pork products. 
  • It developed the first automatic feeding system.  
  • The developing technology would eventually become the most advanced methods for keeping and feeding livestock

"Belaya Dacha"
On September 19th, 1946 a decision was made by the government  to establish "Belaya Dacha" farm 


The farm is a leader in cattle breeding


The developing technology would eventually become the most advanced methods for keeping and feeding livestock. 
In 1955 the Belaya Dacha farm built country's largest greenhouse complex, an area of 12 hectares.

The farm becomes a center for highly qualified personnel and a testing ground for advanced technology.

In 1957, "White Dacha " participants visited Moscow Festival of Youth and Students . 


From 1957 a  daily records was kept of  the farm's feeding fodder.
In the photo: Brigadier TM Potapov
Being the largest agricutural company in Russia (USSR), “Belaya Dacha” established the first  bio-labratory in the country pioneereing methods of vegetable and salad cultivation.

The country's first bio-laboratory, would eliminate the toxic chemicals in the production of vegetables.
Garter cucumbers in a greenhouse

The attractions for all the inhabitants of farm settlement during the winter holidays 
  • gym
  • cross-country skiing
  • fairs
  • Weekend holidays
Russian winter holiday

Director of the farm Davydov Fradkov of teplichnits, Hero of Socialist Labor, is awarded two Orders of Lenin and an Order of the Patriotic War  1962

Chief farmer and zoooligist , Slavin AM, conducts studies of livestock
January 21, 1964.
International dignitaries arrive to visit the Belaya Dacha farm.

Local landscape painter, People's Artist of the USSR, Antyuhin FV arrives to look around the farm.

July 16, 1970.
The State Farm was responsible for leadership of the trade unions in Japan. This picture shows the main comrade, Slavin AM,  receiving the delegation.

School group considers and studies the latest developments in crop production ..
Dmitry Petrovich Popov.director of the  farm "Belaya Dacha" since 1972 becomes a Candidate of Agricultural Sciences. He is already a  holder of two Orders of the Red Banner at this time and a member of the Communist Party since 1955.

 Building number 2 and number 3.

In July 1977,  the farm commissioned the first plant building.

From July to December 1977 the state sold 6,000 tons of vegetables.

At the same time construction was under way on the second unit, which went into operation in 1978.

A new greenhouse complex  produces products.
Cleaning zucchini in the field.

Victor Alexandrovich Semenov, petting pigs. 1980

Harvesting time.
Minister of Agriculture of the Netherlands  is shown the salad production facility on the Balaya Dacha Farm.

Belaya Dacha develops an equestrian center providing a range of services including the opportunity to learn how to ride. 2000

The finishing touches are added to the large green salad made in honor of the festival at  the Belaya Dacha farm.
Belaya Dacha receives the award from the Guinness World Records for producing the largest green salad in the world, setting a new world record.

Belaya Dacha builds a facility to develop and produce fresh salad products.

Collecting honey for the Belaya Dacha farm
A Foundation stone is placed on the site of  the Temple "Victor Warrior" and consecrated  by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill.

Viktor Chernomyrdin in the flower greenhouses on the Belaya Dacha farm. 2010

Exhibition "Mount Athos. Images of the Holy Land " held at the State Historical Museum.
The exhibition was organized by the Belaya Dacha Group and the Russian Geographical Society.
Exhibition "Mount Athos. Images of the Holy Land " held at the State Historical Museum.
The exhibition was organized by the Belaya Dacha Group and the Russian Geographical Society.

Annual championship competition, Belaya Dacha
Moscow's Regional Governor, Sergei Shoigu, discusses the development plans for the area.

RT President R. Minihanovah participates in opening the new facility for fresh salad production.
 The football team GC Belaya Dacha, under the leadership of General Director of Belaya Dacha, Vladimir Tsiganova.

Opening Russia's first outlet center - Outlet Village Belaya Dacha


Group Belaya Dacha - 95th Anniversary Jubilee Celebrations

Belaya Dacha Group celebrated its 95th anniversary. The Anniversary of the company perfectly illustrates the successful development the agricultural enterprise has experienced. The Belaya Dacha group has found itself in a range of circumstances through the history of the country. It has still found its place and thrived.