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The Yacht club, Puhlemskiy Stvor, is a unique facility for yachtsmen and fans of adventure holidays.The name was taken from the village " Puhlino " Kimry County in the Tver province . This first rate recreation complex with a total area of 30,000sq.m,  is situated not far from Moscow, just 150 km away from MKAD and nearby to the Uglich reservoir. One of the best yachting projects in the Central region of the Russian Federation is in its first stages of developing the yachting culture in Russia. Once the infrastructure for  the whole park is developed, it will be a center  for repairs, fuelling and food provision enabling the public to enjoy sailing from one port with all thier needs taken care of. 

The facilities available will include a yacht club, a spa and a mini hotel and private apartments.

Belya Dacha takes the preservation of natural landscape and minimal impact on forestation to be a top priority and his part of the projects brief. The project has special appeal for the company. The project has been designed to incorporate the landscape minimizing any damage to the natural forest.  This brief will continue throughout the building’s design. They will be pile-supported be a few storey high in order not to damage the unique natural environment. Meganom is one of the best design agencies in Russia and is responsible for the design of the project.

The Finnish company, Bellamer, will take part in the project as a partner in marina construction. The yacht club will have all the necessary infrastructure and services matching European standards including marina and yacht servicing, fueling and two landing sites.