Belaya Dacha Park

Belaya Dacha park
Moscow region, Kotelniki,
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Belaya Dacha Park. 

Business centre and residential complex

This project is a multi-functional construction project, which will take a number years to complete. The complex will be developed for Commercial, housing and office realty as well as social infrastructure. With all the amenities in one place it will create a unique atmosphere of luxurious country life, close to the city.

The site will cover a total area of 280 thousand square meters. The project is divided into several phases but the same aesthetics will be implemented throughout the project.On completion, the site will be perfect for a family dwelling area where everyone will enjoy a variety of activities.  All the other amenities including medical treatment will all be of the highest standard.

The Belaya Dacha Park project will include low-rise buildings, office blocks as well as a complete range of public services including: kindergartens, a school, a hospital, sports grounds and many others services. Belaya Dacha takes great pride in their ability to consider any possible service necessary to enjoy the highest standards of living.

An abundance of greenery will be planted around the site giving a very relaxing environment. The unique housing design will boast structured parking where the cars are parked in an underground unit and a private garden will be placed on the roof of the parking unit.

The total area of housing construction will be 120,000 sq metres. Shops, pharmacies and other important services will occupy ground floors. The whole site will be structured among 80,000 square metres of wide boulevards and public space including parks and public gardens.The residents will have an opportunity to relax after a hard day’s work in the city at a coffee shop or just stroll along with their children. Sport facilities including a fitness club and several sports grounds are planned for the area.