"The Nine" Residential Complex

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Стоимость проекта: $30 mln
2014 г.

The “Nine” Residential complex is part of a major project of low-rise buildings over an area of ​​30 hectares, within the boundaries of Moscow City in Kotelniki . Construction of the complex began in November 2012. Once the complex is complete, residents will be part of a growing city with its own social infrastructure.

Agro Belaya Dacha LLC, which is part of the Belaya Dacha Group invested in the construction of the residential complex, which is located 2 km from Moscow. The general contractor is Mebe Construction JSC.

The residential Project is being designed and developed by the architects Project Metronome. They are designing a series of nine buildings which is surrounded by a common private landscaped garden.  The complex includes, seven low-rise buildings, two blocks of townhouses and large common underground parking complex, big enough to accommodate everyone’s cars. The car park can be  accessed directly from all of the buildings.

The living space is designed according to strict zoning rules to adhere to the fundamentals of the “The Nine” project.  We are passionate about protecting the environmental and the natural detail of the area. In further designing the project we have paid great attention to creating a comfortable location by designing each build in relation to each other, ensuring that considerable space is left between the houses according to their height, creating a sense of freedom and spaciousness. The interior of the building continues this design with plenty of light and air being produced by the three meter high ceilings and the two meter high windows.

The apartments and townhouses are made of the finest materials, synonymous with  ​​clean lines and harmony with the environment. Minimalism and functionality of the interior is a perfect backdrop for the vision of style and luxury, allowing the owner to personalize the space with their own furniture and finishings.

The residence is a unique example of a combination of a comfortable urban environment, which is characterized by good infrastructure and the proximity of highways, with the advantages of country living where one can maximize and enjoy a relaxed pace to  life.