Belaya Dacha is a holding company that focuses on real estate developments in four main areas - industrial real estate, commercial real estate and residential real estate.  Belaya Dacha is a publicly traded company.

Our business consists of:

  • Property tenancy and management
  • Attracting real estate investment
  • Organization and management of the  construction process  
  • Contract and develop  customer and developer  
  • Construction and development of the utility and engineering infrastructure
  • City planning and urban development

Belaya Dacha is an experienced developer that is well known in both Russian and international property markets since 1998. For the last 15 years the company has accumulated great experience in managing the construction projects' lifecycle. We oversee the construction, manage and finance the projects as well direct sales and rentals of the projects, continuing to oversee the general supervision of the buildings. 
Alongside our partners, our company completed projects with a total area of 500 000 m² with our investment exceeding $1 bln.
The major activity of  Belaya Dacha OJSC is the integrated development of the region. The projects design aesthetic and constructions brief revolves around the aim to create a comfortable urban environment. The environment is created, utilizing the fusion of various fields such as retail, industry, logistics, entertainment and utility infrastructure. All are projects go through a design process where all infrastructure and utility requirement are identified. This process ensures that adequate access roads and streets are built together with parks and greenery. We further plan for all the structural needs including electricity, water and sanitation. We identify all the possible services that may be required to ensure we produce the best, most comfortable urban environment, meeting the highest European standards. This includes an array of shops for food clothes and entertainment, Health care, education and sports facilities. Belaya Dacha has created subsidiaries that maintain the whole development cycle, starting with the urban planning, designing and ending with operation and power supply. These subsidiaries ensure that both design and construction are completed to the highest standards and in a timely fashion.

Belaya Dacha Development

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Highway billboards

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Belaya Dacha Engineering

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«Belaya Dacha Salads»

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ESC Belaya Dacha

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People's Enterprise

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"The Nine" Residential Complex

Residential complex in Kotel'niki titled "Nine" - a nine architectural forms, executed in the Bauhaus style. This style glorifying simplicity of forms and lines, gained worldwide recognition in the 20s of the last century.

Outlet Village Belaya Dacha

In 2010 Belaya Dacha Group started construction of «Outlet Village Belaya Dacha».Outlet Village Belaya Dacha will be the first operating project of this kind in Russia and it is being jointly developed by Hines and Belaya Dacha Group.

Belaya Dacha Salads

Salad plant was put into operation on August, 10, 2006. Taking up the total area of 6000 sq.m. in Kotelniki, the plant is situated on the land owned by Belaya Dacha Group. Total investments figured up to $ 15 mln, plant capacity is equal to 50 tones of fresh cut salads a day.

Belaya Dacha LogoPark

Belaya Dacha Group owns a Class A logistics complex covering total area of 142 000 sq metres. This largest logistics complex is situated in less than 3 km away from Moscow in the town of Kotelniki, Moscow region.

Mega Belaya Dacha

Swedish furniture giant IKEA and Belaya Dacha Group set up a joint venture in order to construct a shopping mall nearby Moscow, in the town of Kotelniki, 14th km of MKAD.

BMW dealer center

New AutoKraft center (official BMW dealer) was officially opened on March, 17, 2010. BDA, Belaya Dacha Subsidiary, led multifunctional car dealer center and bodyshop construction and Belaya Dacha Development participated as developer.

Garden Center

First in Russia garden hypermarket was opened on March, 29, 2007. More than 60 000 items of plant and vegetable produce, biggest floristic department in Russia, pets store and landscaping center are placed on the total area of 10 000 sq.m.